Artwork usage

All graphic images and other site content including text and other resources are © René Kunert, unless otherwise specified. They must NOT – under any circumstances – be distributed or passed on to any third party (such as, but not limited to, Yahoo Groups, Facebook, etc.) without first emailing for permission.  You may use the contact link at the top of the page for this purpose.

Anything not covered in these terms, you may contact me so that I can add it in.  These are general purpose terms for Photography usage ONLY.  Please do not use any of my craft photos or art scans without written permission or licensing.

General permissions for usage:

Internet graphic designers are allowed to use my images with terms.

  • Photography may be used Free of Charge for the purpose of display.  Background images, banners, headers, etc.  Simply state “Photo courtesy of Rene Kunert” on ALL of your creations.
  • Photos may be used for website design and display as long as the website is non-commercial.  Non-Profit organizations are only allowed under written permission from me via email or hard-copy contact.  Photo credits are required on the website.  Front page is not necessary.
  • You are allowed to use my work in conjunction with 18+ content if it does not condone violence or criminal activity.
  • “Tags,” Avatars, Timelines, and other images MAY NOT be sold for any reason in any way.
  • You may not print, photograph, scan, or make copies of any image. Exceptions will need my written permission.

Other artists’ permissions:

I do allow artists to use my images for certain, but not all reasons.  Please read carefully.  Any questions, please use my contact form in the top header of the page.

  • You MAY use my photography for creating new drawings and paintings.  Mentioning me would be grand, but not required.
  • Photo manipulation is allowed with crediting on your display page.
  • Photographers may take an idea I have in a photograph to shoot another separate photograph.
  • Artists may NOT take an already completed artwork and recreate it.  Inspiration is great, copying is bad.

This page, and my terms, are subject to change without prior notice.  Please be sure to come visit here again in the future to keep up with my requirements.

Taggers and Tubers:

The tubes you purchased from various tube stores are still yours to use.  Be sure to use license numbers that you were issued at the time of purchase.  I will no longer be uploading or granting permissions for past or future artworks.

However!  I do have digital tubes and kits galore for your tagging pleasure, as well as photo masks.  All items approved for usage can be found in the taggers’ area.  ONLY items from the taggers area are allowed for tagging purposes.  NO items may be used for commercial purposes.  This includes all those strange acronyms that have arrisen since tagging came out.  S4o, CU4CU, etc. or whatever you kids are using these days, anyway.

Enjoy and happy creating!