Shop Error *oops*

I have added a few things to the shop and figured out that I never really made an official post about it.  I think I should probably just have more coffee in the mornings.  Maybe that will get my head out of my… well, you get the idea.

Then, I just realized I had a shipping amount on digital items… My mistake! I have removed the shipping on those items.  I am still working through the kinks on owning an actual shop.  This is hard work, let me tell ya! haha


Vacation 2017 – Germany Tour

I think this was a vacation that will be really hard to top. We took a train tour around Germany. We stopped in Hannover, Berlin, Heidelberg, Köln, Bonn, Frankfurt, and Königswinter. Beautiful cities, to say the least.  Castles, bars, architecture, bars, boats, trains, bars, art, restaurants… And did I mention bars?



I am going on vacation in Bonn from this Sunday until around August 19th.  I will be attending my sister-in-law’s wedding while there.  I am closing the shop while I am gone, so no new orders will come in until I get home.  I will bring a few art supplies with me, but I won’t guarantee that I will have time for much work.


ATC collection

Someone was asking about seeing the collection of cards over the years.  I am kind of shocked at just how many I have when I started taking photos LOL!  This shows 514.  I am pretty sure this is my entire collection, but I could have a few more hiding somewhere around here that I haven’t quite put into the folder, yet.


Patreon Tier Change

I have made a slight change to Tier 4 on Patreon.

Instead of getting an unfinished or not-up-to-par sketch for each month, you guys will now get one (or sometimes two) finished and “frame-worthy” sketch card instead.  This way, you will always know what size you will be getting, and the quality that it will be in.  These cards are much easier to display and store for those that plan on being a Patron for a long time to come 😉