I am going on vacation in Bonn from this Sunday until around August 19th.  I will be attending my sister-in-law’s wedding while there.  I am closing the shop while I am gone, so no new orders will come in until I get home.  I will bring a few art supplies with me, but I won’t guarantee that I will have time for much work.…READ MORE

ATC collection

Someone was asking about seeing the collection of cards over the years.  I am kind of shocked at just how many I have when I started taking photos LOL!  This shows 514.  I am pretty sure this is my entire collection, but I could have a few more hiding somewhere around here that I haven’t quite put into the folder, yet.…READ MORE

Patreon Tier Change

I have made a slight change to Tier 4 on Patreon.

Instead of getting an unfinished or not-up-to-par sketch for each month, you guys will now get one (or sometimes two) finished and “frame-worthy” sketch card instead.  This way, you will always know what size you will be getting, and the quality that it will be in.  These cards are much easier to display and store for those that plan on being a Patron for a long time to come 😉…READ MORE

Self Doubt

There comes a time in every artist’s life where they doubt everything they do.  Now would be one of those times for me. 

Logic is telling me that I should just continue on my path.  Keep drawing.  Keep practicing.  KEEP MOVING.  But there is this little emotional demon telling me that I am not good enough.  There are others better.  The details just aren’t cutting it.  Why keep going?…READ MORE

LoZ nerd, coming through!

It’s no secret that I am REALLY into art trading.  ATCs in particular, but I am welcome to any kind of trade. 

I am going to post this so I can refer people to it during trades and swaps.  It is much easier to keep track of these kinds of things if kept in one place lol.  I get asked what my favorite things to receive in trades are. …READ MORE