Self Doubt

There comes a time in every artist’s life where they doubt everything they do.  Now would be one of those times for me. 

Logic is telling me that I should just continue on my path.  Keep drawing.  Keep practicing.  KEEP MOVING.  But there is this little emotional demon telling me that I am not good enough.  There are others better.  The details just aren’t cutting it.  Why keep going?


LoZ nerd, coming through!

It’s no secret that I am REALLY into art trading.  ATCs in particular, but I am welcome to any kind of trade. 

I am going to post this so I can refer people to it during trades and swaps.  It is much easier to keep track of these kinds of things if kept in one place lol.  I get asked what my favorite things to receive in trades are. 


Photo Editing

Sometimes I like to play around a bit with photo editing.  Simple color adjustments only slightly touch the things you can do with Photoshop.  Everything from faux hi-def to recreating old photograph styles.  Being able to edit your photos is a big part of photography.  Rarely do we get a photo straight from the camera that is awe inspiring.  Though, there are a few that CAN do that… and I don’t think I can ever manipulate my camera to turn out photos like the masters.  So I have to fake it haha 😉


Trent, again

This one, for very obvious reasons, will also not be going into the upcoming artbook.

This will be the second time I have drawn him.  Probably won’t be the last, though haha!  But I will give you all a break from this subject and continue with the book progression.



This one, for very obvious reasons, will not be going into the upcoming artbook. This was drawn for a private collector who is a very big Nine Inch Nails fan. I have been looking for a reason to draw this man for a long time. And I do believe the next piece will be of him, as well.  I already have the pose in mind.