Reaper [Draw this Again]

I drew this reaper about 10ish years ago.  I have seen several people using this drawing in their compilation videos and stuff, so if you’ve seen it running around, yep, it’s mine.

I wanted to include it in the book I am creating, but I can’t find the original piece.  It is around here somewhere, but it just seems to be avoiding me.  I scanned it a LONG time ago, but… the scan is WAY too small to be used in a book printing. …READ MORE

‘Tis Me

Yeah, this will probably get stored in a box never to see the light of day again LOL! Self portraits are extremely difficult. There is this mental stress every time I try it.

“Does this actually look like me?”
“Did I make myself prettier than I really am?”
“Did I focus on my flaws more than I should have?”
“It isn’t that bad…”
“This looks nothing like me…”
“I should trash it and never try again.”



Photo submission reference from Ann Montgomery.

During this drawing, the cutest thing ever happened. I was sitting at the coffee shop drawing. A chick taps me on the shoulder telling me how good she thinks the drawing is. Then said “you really should sell these!”  Lol if it were only that easy. I giggled a little and thanked her. 😂

If you’d like a photo to be drawn and included in the book, be sure to get your submissions in, too.…READ MORE

The Pooch

I’d say this was the toughest drawing I have done in a while. I don’t usually draw animals… lol. But here is the finished piece. This is a photo reference from a Facebook Friend that did not want to be tagged at the moment.  It is a gift to someone from her.  I certainly hope the recipients approve 🙂


Mizz Amanda

Photo reference of the beautiful Amanda Marie taken by “Len” (aka ArtReferenceSource)

This photo just spoke to me on a pretty personal level, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with it.  She is a lovely model!  I have used her likeness before in an older, full body piece, and will be happy to work with her again in the future!

If you’d like a photo to be drawn and included in the book, be sure to get your submissions in.