Trent, again

This one, for very obvious reasons, will also not be going into the upcoming artbook.

This will be the second time I have drawn him.  Probably won’t be the last, though haha!  But I will give you all a break from this subject and continue with the book progression.…READ MORE


This one, for very obvious reasons, will not be going into the upcoming artbook. This was drawn for a private collector who is a very big Nine Inch Nails fan. I have been looking for a reason to draw this man for a long time. And I do believe the next piece will be of him, as well.  I already have the pose in mind. …READ MORE

UpDo – Digital drawing

Reference photo by Kirilee Austin-Lennerts

This took me a couple of days to complete because I am not used to working with digital means.

I used the Pro Create app on a large screen iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. If you are a digital artist, these are some must have tools! Even with someone who hasn’t done serious digital work, it made everything a breeze. I highly recommend them.


Digtal FanArt

Sven recently got himself an iPad Pro, but I ended up taking it over. I don’t think he has even touched it, yet. haha! I also had an Apple Pencil that I couldn’t use with my old iPad mini, so this gave me the chance to actually try it out.


Some details

This is going soooooooo slowly. I can imagine by now that you maybe figured out the theme of the drawing. This is definitely not my normal but it is proving to be pretty fun. Next, I will be starting on the background a bit. I will try to keep the details down back there, though.